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PowerSchool Information

Where do I get my PowerSchool account?

Parents and guardians who have never used PowerSchool can pick up their account information from the school office.

Accounts from previous years, or from other schools, remain active.


PowerSchool Manual

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Google Classroom Information

How do I keep up to date with my student's work, now that Leary's Brook is using Google Classroom?

For over a year, our teachers and students have been using Google Classroom as part of in-class work, and to communicate with students about course progress, deadlines, dates, and other important information. Starting this year, Google Classroom will replace our homework website.

Parents and guardians can receive regular updates (weekly or daily) about their student's work in Google Classroom. To receive these updates, a student's NLESD Google account must be associated with their parent's or guardian's email address (from any email provider). Parents and guardians who would like to receive regular updates can email one of their student's teachers and request to be added.

Parents and guardians do not need to contact every teacher. Once one teacher has associated a guardian's email with their student's NLESD Google account, a regular email will be sent out for every Classroom that their student belongs to.

This association between parent or guardian and their student does not need to be renewed every school year, except in cases where the guardian has changed email addresses.